Sunday, April 22, 2018

S-400 Syria.

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Here with gratitude from several sources to include WIZARD and CORPORAL FRISK and the tip from Harry at Sharkhunters some details, Russian S-400 surface-air-missiles found to be less effective than thought.

Impenetrable defenses not so impenetrable? More or less copied from sources in entirety and unashamedly so:


"When it comes to the defences, it is clear that the talk of the S-400 deployment in Syria creating an impenetrable A2/AD-bubble stopping western strikes was not correct."

"While many of the earlier Israeli strikes had taken place in areas which present difficulties for the S-400 (and supporting shorter-ranged systems) to see and intercept the targets, the strike waves approaching over the eastern Mediterranean would be more or less the perfect scenario for long-ranged SAM-systems, and is very similar to the set-up of systems operating from Kaliningrad which often are described as being able to deny NATO access to the Baltic Sea. While it likely was political will that stopped the Russian air defence systems from being activated, the Syrians did their best, with around 40 missiles having been reported by Pentagon as fired. While it is not impossible that some of the cruise missiles were intercepted, it is clear from the pictures that even this barrage of air defence missiles was unable to serious lessen the damage suffered by the Syrians. A significant issue was likely that all missiles struck their targets"

S-400 not so effective after all when deployed in real-world conditions?



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Cross a duck with a turkey and you get an eagle? That is what some are going to say? Eagle Japan!

Consider this as reported from Freeper:

"Lockheed Should Restart the Raptor Line If Japan Wants An F-22-F-35 Hybrid"

"Reuters has published a report that came as little surprise to us at The War Zone regarding Tokyo's interest in having Japanese industry work with Lockheed Martin to develop a semi-indigenous fighter that combines the best attributes of the F-35 Lightning and F-22 Raptor."

F-22 and air superiority/supremacy fighter plane. F-35 that multi-role combat-aircraft [MRCA].

This story the origin of which is the media outlet Russian Times and as noted the Japanese for some time have had their own indigenous stealth fifth generation fighter plane design and prototype development project.


Iron Mike.

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What John Wayne did in the movies this man did in real life.

The boy from Chicago who did good! Has now passed and we are all the worse for it too!!

Iron Mike Mike Healy. Thanks to the tip from Freeper and all stand proud for the General.

"A National Hero Dies; meanwhile, a National Disgrace ensues in the Tennessee Air National Guard"

"Last Saturday, retired Major General ‘Iron Mike’ Healy passed away at the age of 91. Healy, was a living legend in the Special Forces community; a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, he was the inspiration for John Wayne’s character, 'Col. Iron Mike Kirby,' in the 1968 film 'The Green Berets.' Major General Healy earned the nickname 'Iron Mike' while serving as a young officer leading Army Rangers on combat patrols deep behind enemy lines in Korea in the early 1950s. The nickname would follow him throughout his career, including during five tours — nearly eight years in all."

I need not say anymore. The CV [curriculum vitae] speaks for itself.


Fusion China.

This is coolbert:

YES, previous I was very skeptical. NOW I must give serious consideration to the matter. Fusion power as a do-able entity closer than we think? And having an aviation application?

Thanks to the tip from Freeper and the article in the War Zone the article by Joseph Trevithick

"China Touts Fusion Progress As New Details On Lockheed Martin's Reactor Emerge"

"Chinese state researchers and the multi-national corporation are both aiming to be first to develop practical fusion power sometime in the 2020s"

"China, which is reportedly hard at work on a host of advanced technologies for both military and civilian applications, has given foreign journalists a close look at its potentially revolutionary fusion energy project, which they claim has produced the longest man-made nuclear reaction of this type ever. The tour came as additional details have come to light regarding another advanced fusion reactor program at Lockheed Martin, which recently obtained a patent for portions of its own design."



Yakuza PMC

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We have heard of Sandline. We have heard of Executive Outcomes. We have heard of Blackwater. We have heard of the Wagner Group.

NOW hear of PMC Yakuza. Private military company Japan style!

Thanks to the story as seen at the Russian media outlet Russian Times [RT]:

"Japan’s Yakuza wants to go legit with ‘private army’ business"

"The Japanese underworld is planning to branch out and provide bodyguards and security personnel for legitimate businesses in Southeast Asia, Japan's Flash Magazine reported citing the leader of a yakuza group."

Yakuza Japanese gangsters. Organized crime contrary to popular opinion a phenomenon quite common in Japan. Yakuza noted for their strong-arm intimidation tactics, hired goons who use martial arts on you to enforce demands and refusals to demands.

"In an interview, Yoshinori Oda, the head of the Ninkyo Dantai Yamaguchi-gumi gang talked about plans to set up a private military company (PMC). He claimed that 'outside of Japan, PMCs already exist in the United States and Europe.'”

PMC an ancient and venerable tradition at least from the time of the European Renaissance and made famous by the Englishman John Hawkwood. Again PMC all the rage? The yakuza gangster also very fond of and instantaneously recognizable by his many elaborate tattoo!


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Wu Tang.

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Yet more from the outstanding Internet web site Scholars Stage.

"Chiang Kai Shek's Gamble--Reviewing Shanghai and Nanjing 1937"

"The Battle of Shanghai was the first of the twenty-two major engagements fought between the National Revolutionary Army (NRA) of the Republic of China (ROC) and the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) of the Empire of Japan during the Second Sino-Japanese War. It was one of the largest and bloodiest battles of the entire war, described as 'Stalingrad on the Yangtze'"

"In the end, Shanghai fell, and China lost a significant portion of its best troops, while also failing to elicit any international intervention. The resistance of Chinese forces, however, shocked the Japanese, who had been indoctrinated with notions of cultural and martial superiority, and dramatically demoralized the Imperial Japanese Army."

Shanghai best described as "Stalingrad on the Yangtze"?

NO! Consider rather the Battle of Taierzhuang!

"The Battle of Tai'erzhuang . . . was a battle of the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1938, between the armies of the Republic of China and the Empire of Japan. The battle was the first major Chinese victory of the war. It humiliated the Japanese military and its reputation as an invincible force, while for the Chinese it represented a tremendous morale boost."

Go see it all for yourself! Indeed, Taierzhuang quite easily can be seen as the template for the Soviet defense of Stalingrad and subsequent German defeat!



China WW2.

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From the Internet web site Scholars Stage some speculation.

The Scholars Stage I recommend highly and without qualification.

"Why Do We Know So Little About China's WWII?"

"In a recent column Peter Harmsen asks 'Why do we know so little about China in World War Two?'" To quote:

    "We know hardly anything about the war in China."

    "To give just one example, about 80,000 Chinese and Japanese soldiers became casualties during the first battle for the city of Changsha in September and October 1939 (there were three more battles for the city later in the war.) This is more than twice the number of total casualties on both sides during Operation Market Garden, the disastrous British and American attempt in September 1944 to penetrate German defenses in a bold airborne assault."

That aspect of the Chinese [Nationalist and communist] troops during the Second World War not so widely known. In all historical accounts of the allied coalition in opposition to Imperial Japan the role of China generally seen as marginal as best?


Even Chiang reputedly described as being more interesting in fighting Mao and his communist insurgent army than engaging in combat with the Japanese.

NO! Consider just those major combat actions, Chinese and Japanese military forces in mortal combat prior to December 1941. Shanghai. Wuhan, etc. Epic battles major and to the death on a scale prodigious. The Chinese hardly slackers even in the slightest manner. The famous/infamous Japanese officer Tsuji rating the Chinese soldier # 2 in fighting ability, trailing only the Japanese. Fighting ability not defined in a clear manner but I surmise meaning tenacity!

At least from my perspective the Nationalist of Chiang Kai Shek: 1. Doing most of the fighting against the Japanese. 2. Foreign expatriate elements to include journalists in favor of Mao and the communists numbering more than a few. 3. News and commentary of the Chinese [Nationalist] performance during the Second Sino-Japanese War and subsequent events deliberately distorted and skewed in a manner to created a bad image of the Nationalists.

Deliberate and malicious distortions that tarnished Chiang and the Nationalists and do not allow for a proper evaluation of contribution by the Chinese to the war effort, before and after Pearl Harbor.

Devoted readers to the blog can comment? Let me hear from you.